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Our Approach

We are 3 friends who are highly qualified and Insured therapists, with a variety of wonderful skills to support your Mind-Body-Spirit.


The Wellness Room is a calm, safe and welcoming space for clients to come and feel at ease, so we can support you on your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing journey x


Therapy Sessions
Kathy Newman

Advanced Aromatherapist

Reiki Master

Pain Management


Creator of the Newman Spinal Energy Renewal    supporting people to embrace their health and wellness through natural alternatives to true lasting healing from pain, anxiety and stress...


De Sousa

​Counselling & Integrative Arts Therapy


Integrative Arts therapy is about engaging the senses and expressing who we are where words alone may be limiting. It can help us reconnect with our inner wisdom, joy and playfulness using different art forms such as movement, music, painting, and clay....  

Marie Stanton

Massage Therapist


In order to promote balance and therefore help improve overall wellness I offer the following seated massage therapies....

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